What Kind Of Rehearsal Space Is In Demand?

A recent study carried out by RehearsalSpaceFinder.com has revealed that it is music studios which are most commonly sought out, followed by both dance studios and theatre studios. To ourselves here at LSH Spaces, with us offering what we believe to be original and innovative rehearsal rooms in London and Cardiff, this brings music to our ears and showcases that the UK music scene as a whole is still alive and kicking, albeit in many cases a little more underground that we’ve seen in previous years.
 Whilst many of the acts topping the charts and filling venues across the country do indeed hail from the USA, it’s great to see that there’s still grassroots musicians here at home who are getting their creative minds together and making music. Yes, it has to be accepted that not all of them will make it as chart toppers, however that’s not always what it’s about! Making music, for many, is a creative outlet which allows them to express themselves and have fun, and as far as we’re concerned, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Making music doesn’t have to be about becoming the next big thing and artists of all types need somewhere to rehearse.Whilst music rehearsal rooms came out top as the most sought out types of rehearsal studios, within this, the  results could be filtered down to focus on subsections of both piano studios and drum rehearsal rooms.Interestingly, the majority of musicians searching for rehearsal room space were looking for studios which offered the following features:

  • – A Piano
  • – Open At Weekends
  • – Mirrors
  • – A Sound System
  • – Backline

We fully understand the requirement for backline and a sound system by the majority of musicians and it’s on these grounds that we launched LSH Spaces in conjunction with our sister company, London Speaker Hire. We know that not all artists want to or are able to lug a full backline around and that a rehearsal room which offers everything an artist may need is an attractive option!By offering musicians a place where they can not only practice with their own gear but hire back line from the great range which we have available, we strongly believe that we are catering to the exact needs and wants of the bands who use the space!Add to that the fantastic themes of the rooms to bring a little more character and life to the spaces alongside our pro shop, our hire ranges and our chill out areas and we’re excited for the future!Perhaps somewhat different to other rehearsal studios, however, is that we welcome feedback from those who use our spaces! Think something could be done better? Have a great idea which you think would work and would help to transform the space into something even more amazing? Let us know, we’re all ears and are here to offer what we believe to be some of the UK’s best (albeit a little different and innovative) practice spaces for artists from a whole range of backgrounds!